Lakes Solar

Eco-Smart EV Charging Points


Charge your EV with power from the grid, solar, or both


You can enjoy the benefits of the zappi without the need for solar panels or a wind power system. By investing in it today, you’re ensuring your preparedness for the future.

The zappi stands out as a unique home EV charger. While it functions as a conventional car charger, drawing power from the grid, it also offers optional charging modes. When powered by renewable energy, it charges your car for free, utilizing energy generated by your home Solar PV system or wind generation.

Harnessing your own power generation not only enhances the Return On Investment (ROI) for your panels and electric car but also allows you to charge your EV at home without any cost. The installation of zappi is straightforward, and its user-friendly design ensures a hassle-free experience. Even if you don’t have solar panels, rest assured that the zappi will seamlessly operate as a standard car charger, tapping into power from the grid.

At Lakes Solar, we believe in sustainable solutions, and our Eco-Smart EV Charging Points, featuring the zappi charger, stand out as a beacon of eco-friendliness. Zappi functions not only as a conventional car charger but also as a brilliant example of green energy utilization.

With the power of Lakes Solar’s Eco-Smart EV Charging Points, zappi, installed by our experienced team, maximizes your ROI by allowing you to charge your electric vehicle using energy generated from your Solar PV system or wind power. This means that your EV charging experience becomes not only environmentally conscious but also cost-effective.

Whether you have Lakes Solar’s solar panels installed or not, zappi, expertly installed by our team, remains a versatile choice for all electric car owners. It can seamlessly draw power from the grid when needed.

Lakes Solar takes pride in being at the forefront of sustainable technology installation. Our Eco-Smart EV Charging Points, featuring the zappi charger, offer you complete control and convenience in your electric vehicle charging journey. With the myenergi app, you can schedule charging sessions to coincide with off-peak hours and take full advantage of our eco-friendly options.

Choose Lakes Solar as your trusted installer and the zappi Eco-Smart EV Charging Points for a greener and smarter way to power your electric vehicle, today and in the years to come.

Three EV charging modes

zappi provides you with tailor made charging to suit your lifestyle and demands. Whether you need a “fast” charge to get you going in a hurry, or are happy to wait for your charge to take place using 100% renewable energy. zappi gives you the flexibility to charge on your terms.

The eco charge mode is a mixture of both green energy and energy imported from the grid. eco mode minimises the use of grid power, generally taking advantage of cheaper rates overnight, but can also charge using 100% green energy. Essentially giving you the ability to charge up your car for free! The charging power is continuously adjusted in response to changes in generation or power being used elsewhere in the home.

If the surplus generation drops below 1.4kWh some power will be drawn from the grid to top it back up.

eco+ charging is very similar to eco charging in that it can utilise power from the grid or your own power source. However the charge power is continuously adjusted in response to changes in generation or power consumption elsewhere in the home. Your electric car charging will pause if there is too much-imported power, continuing only when there is surplus free power available.

In fast mode, your vehicle will be charged at maximum power. This power can come from a renewable energy source or simply from the grid. The cost of charging an electric car also depends on numerous factors including mode and the car itself.

If you don’t have solar panels or wind generation, zappi will charge just like an ordinary Mode 3 charging point.