Lakes Solar

Battery Storage Upgrades

As a company Lakes Solar are fully invested in the future of residential energy solutions. 


The introduction of battery storage has been a game changer in the residential solar market. 

Installing solar battery storage gives two clear advantages over a standard solar system without storage.


  • When you are not using your produced solar power, it can be stored in batteries and used as and when you need it. This way you are running your home and EV on as much FREE POWER as possible giving you huge savings on your electricity bill and helping the environment along the way.
  • The solar battery storage system can be programmed to pull cheap electricity in from your electricity provider (usually in the early hours of the night) and stored in your batteries. You can then run your home and charge your EV on cheap rate power. This way you avoid high electricity tariffs and run your home and car as cost effective as possible.   



Solar battery storage works by storing excess electricity generated by solar panels in batteries for later use. When the solar panels produce more electricity than your home needs, the excess power is directed to charge the batteries. During times when solar production is low or when your energy demand exceeds what the solar panels can provide, the stored energy in the batteries is used to power your home. 





Lakes Solar have over time earned the very prestigious accreditation of MASTER INSTALL for SUNSYNK. This is an installer who has fitted more than 50 Sunsynk systems a mixture of single and multi-systems, thus demonstrating a expert knowledge of the Sunsynk operating system.


Sunsynk are highly regarded as one of the worlds leading manufacturer of batteries and hybrid inverters. They have a fantastic reputation of revolutionising the way we store, generate and control energy. Lakes Solar are proud to be a Master Installer and partner of Sunsynk. 


The Sunsynk Batteries are available in wall mount or as a rack mount system. They come in very compact housing and look great. They are also one of the lightest in its class and weigh just 47KG. 


The Sunsynk Inverters are available in 3.6KW, 5.5KW & 8.8KW plus a three-phase range.

We have the knowledge and expertise to guide and support you through every step of your solar installation to make it as easy as possible. 

From the initial quote and design stage, we assign a surveyor to all our jobs to work closely with customers to fully manage their expectations and professionally direct the job from start to finish. We will inspect your roof and electrics to ensure everything is safe and compatible to accommodate the proposed solar install. We will also look cable planning and where best to install the equipment to ensure everything is hidden out of the way with no mess or disruption.

It doesn’t matter if we are installing 6 panels or 60 panels, we guarantee the same high-quality service on every job and ensure the customer is always 100% happy.

Established as one of the largest residential solar installers in the North of England we continue to build relations with product suppliers and manufactures. They are busy working behind the scenes to find the very best equipment and technology the market has to offer. Because we work direct with manufacturers we can guarantee first class backup and support.

Lakes Solar have thousands of existing installations which has built us a solid reputation for quality and price. We guarantee a reliable professional service from start to finish. We provide free quotes, free site survey, first class product knowledge and exceptional value for money to always ensure 100% job satisfaction.